What Our Clients Have To Say

“Your team sure worked hard to wrap this one up! It was a project for sure. Looking forward to the next one!”

Matthew Schulz | Project Manager
Constant Aviation

“Thank You Steve… Say thanks to the team for us! You guys are great to work with.”

Mark Adams | Technical Service Representative
Stevens Aerospace And Defense Systems, LLC

“First I want to say thank you for having your guys come out and fix fuel leaks. They were both very nice guys, and I was very impressed with how neat they kept the workspace.” 

Corey Cropp
Chief of Maintenance

“Just wanted to let you know that we are very pleased with your services on our aircraft. A+ for Tanner!” 

Chad Johnson | Director of Maintenance, Aviation Department

“I am an Industrial Engineer currently assigned to assist our vendor in commercial aircraft production.

For the past 3 weeks I have been performing observations, walking between all the airplanes in position and recording the number of people working on each and what each person is doing. Throughout my observation period, two of the contractors have really stood out both SWAT technicians. Every time I do my rounds, they are always hard at work—it is clear that the operations manager has noticed their proficiency too as he consistently assigns them the most critical and high-skilled jobs.

SWAT technicians were briefly sent to rework rings and install a new pressure dome—this job is usually reserved for specialized mechanics, however they worked hand-in-hand with the facility mechanics to perform the rework and finished ahead of schedule. They work through their breaks at times and always lend a helping hand to other mechanics in need.

I can tell these two are valued assets by the customer rework team and you are very lucky to have them on your team.” 

Thank You | Commercial Aviation Engineer

“I would like to give Miguel and Wade [at SWAT] the highest possible compliments, for a job well done. You guys will always be my first choice because of the awesome customer service. 

Director of Maintenance | Bollinger Enterprises

“We appreciate all the support on this one. Great customer service from everyone involved. 

Michael Johnson | Project Manager

“SWAT has been a great source of providing Fuel tank maintenance services at EEJS Mesa. Mike and the Team have been instrumental and helpful in identifying and resolution of fuel leaks on various Embraer Airframes. Turn times have been outstanding and look forward to working with the SWAT team in future maintenance activities.”

Frank Layaoen
Mx Supervisor MRO IWA,VSS