Expert Airframe Repairs & Maintenance

The expert technicians at S.W.A.T. provide these comprehensive onsite aircraft structural repairs and maintenance services:

• Airframe sheet metal repairs
• Doubler installations, wing spar, rib, and skin repairs
• Flight or ground incident damage repair
• Scheduled maintenance and structural inspections
• Corrosion inspection, removal and repairs
• Aircraft-specific shoring and support system manufacture and rental
• Wing de-mates, plank removal and reinstallation

Complete DER structural engineering services, an FAA-approved machine shop and 24/7 emergency response teams are also available.

Fuel Systems/Leak Repairs

Highly qualified S.W.A.T. technicians can maintain your aircraft fuel system or repair your fuel leak quickly and completely onsite. Our services include:

• Fuel leak detection and repair
• Fuel leak positive and negative isolation testing
• Fuel distribution, venting and quantity systems troubleshooting
• Fuel system component troubleshooting, removal and replacement
• Complete stripping and resealing of integral tanks
• Corrosion inspection and removal
• Pre-purchase inspections
• Scheduled maintenance/inspections

Fuel Cell Repairs

Bladder tanks, bag tanks or fuel cells, are reinforced rubberized bags installed in a section of aircraft structure designed to accommodate fuel. The bladder is rolled up and installed into the compartment through the fuel filler neck or access panels and is secured by means of snap fasteners or cord and loops inside the compartment. Many types of aircraft use bladder tanks as all, or part of, the fuel system storage.

Handling of rubberized fuel cells during the removal and re-installation process is a very delicate operation. It requires precise technique as well as layers of protection when the bladder itself is gently taken in and out of any aircraft.

S.W.A.T. technicians have decades of experience in removal and installation of bladder type fuel cells on a wide variety of aircraft applications.

As well S.W.A.T. offers fuel cell testing, repair and re-certification through our primary vendors giving us priority placement and a full 1 Year Warranty.

S.W.A.T. technicians can deliver to you a complete turn key fuel cell removal, testing, repair, re-certification and or replacement process. We come fully-equipped with fuel cell confined space entry safety equipment as well.

Contact us for a free quote on your aircraft type. All services are performed at your hangar or location of choice.

Fleet Management & Reliability Programs

We’ve developed and executed reliability programs for a variety of charter and transport aircraft fleets. If you take advantage of this S.W.A.T. service, you can be sure of: 

• Effective cost control
• Unparalleled warranty coverage
• Substantial decreases in fleet downtime
• Reduced spending on unscheduled fuel leak repairs
• Dedicated phone support and online troubleshooting

Parts Supplier

Southwest Airframe & Tank Services is strategically located throughout the United States with the ability to launch on site parts nationally as well as internationally worldwide.

SWAT regional locations allow us to respond quickly to your aircraft parts requirements wherever it is located.

SWAT is a leading aircraft parts supplier and maintains a limited inventory of required, commonly used, and hard to find airframe structural hardware and sealants, as well as fuel cell bladders.

We may have or know exactly where you need to go to find that one-off piece of hardware or sealant type. It is our maintenance specialty. Contact us for your aircraft maintenance parts needs.